Employment Issues

Our Mission Statement
To improve job satisfaction, optimize performance, and comply
with employment laws for Individuals and Small Businesses with the
goal of increasing profits and income.


A reliable and
affordable resource for Employees and Employers.  


Have your resume created by a Human Resources Manager who actually hires people!

It is recommended that you should have your resume updated every 3 – 4 years
to make sure you are prepared for any changes, such as:

  • Internal Open Position
  • Department Closed
  • Company Closes or Bought-out
  • Asking for a Pay Increase
  • New Boss
  • Industry Changes
  • Economic Changes
  • Unhappy with Current Position & Employer
Are you ready for a new opportunity that "comes along" in your career?  Don't wait until the last minute – stay current and available for any change!
                           HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT:
We have an excellent and "Specially Designed" Human Resources Management system for small businesses who are experiencing turnover, poor performance, and employees with poor attitudes, not to mention all of the Employment Laws/ Regulation compliance. We offer solutions and tools to correct these problems by our "Specially Designed for Small Businesses" processes, including:
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Position Analysis  
  • Expertly Written Job Descriptions
  • Annual Reviews Process
  • Employee Documentation
  • Improved Hiring
  • Management Training
  • Hiring: Advertising, Interviewing & Screening
  • Termination without fear of "Wrongful Termination.

Our Vision is to assist Employees and Employers succeed by offering all the tools and knowledge needed!

In many cases the needs of each is the same!

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Employees are what make a business hum - or screech to a halt!
How much effort are you devoting to the most important part of your business?

Founded by Beth Lovell
 Human Resources Manager and Recruiter for over 25 years.  Finally, a source you can call on for your Human resources needs!  No need to call in an expensive attorney!   
I have found that people get hired "in spite of themselves"!  Meaning, most resume's have actually hindered applicants!  From this experience  I developed affordable resume styles and content that have greatly improved
the odds!
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