The 2nd Time Around
Let's do something different!

     Are you thinking about returning to work either part-time or in a different field than    
     previously?  Maybe you have been "retired" but are interested in going back to work to
     earn extra money, meet others, are bored, or  just need a change!

                                        Steps to Returning to Work
   1.  Determine what kind of work you might be interested in.
   2.  Have a new resume professionally prepared taking you in the new direction you are     
        interested in.  A one-page resume is sufficient to show your skills, experience and areas  
        of strength.
   3.  Create a Cover Letter.
   4.  Contact Employment Agencies (Temp work is a great way to move forward).
   5.  Make sure your appearance and your behavior shows you as a person with energy
        and vigor. 
   6.  Always dress appropriately for interviews and the "Employment Agency" visits.
   7.  Be positive, talk in terms of success, many companies are looking for part- time workers  
        who are not looking for health or other benefits; reducing their overhead costs for  

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