Resume Services
How Much is YOUR Career Worth?
Are you ready to apply for new career opportunities that
might come your way

Have your resume created by an Actual HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER with 20 YEARS of experience in interviewing and hiring.

There are many reasons for updating your Resume:
  • Clarify your qualifications and strengths
  • Boost your confidence
  • Ask for a raise
  • Ask for a promotion
  • Apply for a new position open in your current company
  • Need a new job
  • Finished education and training

Each Resume is 100% CUSTOM WRITTEN  for each client with
no "COOKIE CUTTER" styles or cover letters!

I provide:
          • Executive Resume
          • Professional Resume
          • Student Resume
          • Cover Letters
          • Resume Send Out Service
          • LinkedIn Profile
          • Thank You for Interview Letters
          • Interview Preparation

Having a professionally prepared resume greatly increases
your response rate.  Your resume writer needs to be your
“job search partner” in your job search process.
So what makes a good resume?

One that makes your phone ring!

You can't get in the door until you get
that telephone call!

Professionally written resumes
get 3x's more Doors Opened!

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