Resume Writing Prices   
Get your resume created by an actual Human Resources Manager & Recruiter!

                 Executive Resume (2 page)          

        Executive Package (2 pages, 2 Cover Letters)   

           Standard Resume (1 Page)           

                  Standard Package (1page, 1 Cover Letter)

Student Resume Creation (1 page)
           (must show proof of enrollment in school)

            Cover Letters, Thank You Letter, References (each)

Profile Creation with your photograph created on LinkedIn           

Resume Send Out Service 
(approximately 30-35 resumes for $150.00)                 

   $50.00 hour
Consultation Services (Includes 1 hour phone consultation to discuss topics such as career goals, image assessment, skills assessment, interviewing, job site posting, etc.)


Need a Profile Page with Photo?
We can create one for you!

Fees are payable in advance using our PayPal system.

Getting a good job in a bad economy requires an extra effort.

I  help you put all of the pieces of the job search puzzle together!


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