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Top 10 Reasons for "Resume Rejection"!

  • 1 No Profile or Summary
  • 2 No Skills/Strengths Focus
  • 3 No Position Focus
  • 4 Position Jumping
  • 5 Poor Work History
  • 6 Unclear Work History
  • 7 No Accomplishments
  • 8 Too Much Information
  • 9 Residence / Location
  • 10 Typos, Mistakes
  • 11 No industry Focus


Having a professionally prepared resume greatly increases your response rate. Your resume writer needs to be your “job search partner” in your job search process.  We approach resume creation from the side of the    Hiring Manager.  A Hiring Manager has many things to take into consideration when reviewing resumes and during interviews. A resume is a "Marketing Tool"!    It's a 10-second ad that needs to get your point across in a few seconds!   You need to focus on the open position. This isn't about "give me a chance"! This is about your value!  You need to have about 75% of the skills, experience, or education needed to be successful in the job.


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Resumes vs Employment Applications

There seems to be an incredible amount of confusion over WHY can’t a company just use the resume as an application document for employees?  Why do applicants need to fill out an Employment Application prior to hiring and interviewing? 

A Resume is a 10 seconds advertisement to entice a prospective employer to call you for either more info or an interview!  A Cover Letter is a way to tell why you are sending your resume or state any additional information, it is NOT an Employment Application!

An Employment Application:

.... is a “Legal Document” that requires a signature to confirm that all the information on the Employment Application is true, 

.... gives the Hiring/HR Manager permission to run background checks,

..... will ask about criminal convictions,

..... confirms that the person does in fact have the education and certification needed to perform in the job,

..... contains information about dates of employment,

..... contains names and contact information for references,

.....  protects other employees and the company from hiring people who could put others at risk,

.....  is commonly asked for before interviewing.

Without a signed Employment Application, a company would not have validation that a child’s teacher is in fact licensed by the state to be a teacher.  It confirms that a doctor is really a certified doctor, etc.  It confirms that a truck driver doesn't have a felony, etc.  Yes, there is additional documentation needed if an actual Offer of Employment is made.  Many companies don't want to waste time interviewing someone without an assurance that a clean criminal background is confirmed.  There are certain positions and companies that are very strict - think teachers, security officers, IT people, medical doctors, etc.