Outsourced, Affordable Human Resource Management Services Designed for Small Business.                       We offer all the Human Resource Services you need to reduce turnover, improve hiring and performance, and company policies!                      

Outsource Your Human Resources Management Functions! 

  • Affordable Human Resources Management is designed especially for small businesses.

  • Are you a small business with 5-50 employees but don't need a dedicated HR Manager?

  • Your company needs the same HR Services as a large company!

  • We have an affordable package that will address your basic HR Management needs!

  • When you have an employee problem wouldn't it be great to check with your HR Manager?

  • We also offer affordable monthly paid HR Services for a specific number of hours. The monthly service fee is based on the number of employees. You will be able to call me any day for assistance on an employee situation.

  • We also offer additional services such as hiring, terminating and management, etc

  • We have been servicing the Lancaster business community for 20 years.

Human Resource Department Set-up Package Includes:

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Hiring / Recruiting & Job Posting

  • Annual Review Processes

  • Job Descriptions

  • Termination Process Set-up

  • Exempt / Nonexempt Classification

  • Employment Laws Compliance

  • Applicant Screening

  • Compensation Plan

  • Performance Improvement Plan

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Unemployment Claim Assistance

  • Discrimination Compliance

  • Background/Reference Checks

  • Physical Requirements of Position

  • Interviewing for Success


Complete HR Package pricing depends on the number of
employees, starting as low as $500.00!

Personalized Employee Handbooks starting as low as $350.00!